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NET brand Laboratory Products are dependable, durable and up to the mark. We have widest range of products available under this category. The range includes laboratory equipment, laboratory instruments, plastic labware and glassware. Supplied all over the world, the laboratory products manufactured by bf gf sex Limited are used with trust by laboratory professionals.
You may view our entire Laboratory Products & Supplies and select the most suitable product/model as per your requirements. Kindly provide us your specific purchase requirement along with quantity to provide CIF prices.

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Clinical Lab Devices

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Dissecting Microscopes
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Monocular Research Microscopes
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Binocular Research Microscopes
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Parts & Accessories
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Slides & Cover Slips
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Heating Mantle
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Environmental Test Chamber
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Beakers Glassware
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Extraction Apparatus
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Funnel Glassware

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Petridish Glassware

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Animal Cage
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Micro Pestle
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Medicine Cup
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14th to 17th Nov, 2022
Düsseldorf, Germany.

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